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Ergo Baby Adapt Cool Air Mesh Infant Carrier Pearl Grey

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All About Ergo Baby Adapt Infant Carrier

Babies like to be snuggled close, and new parents like to have their hands free. This Ergo Baby Adapt Infant Carrier fulfills both of those needs. The carrier is worn like a reverse backpack, with the addition of a waist band that buckles and tights around your waist. The shoulder straps are thickly padded for added comfort and to help support baby's weight. Its ergonomic design is made with your comfort in mind, as well as proper positioning for your baby.

As your little "kangaroo baby" grows, you can reverse the position of the carrier so that it acts as a back carrier. In either position baby's legs swing free while his/her hands and arms are safely tucked inside the carrier. An extra flap flips up to shield your baby from the wind and keep him/her warm when you take walks outside while wearing the carrier. This flap is also UPF 50+ to keep your baby's delicate skin on his/her head, face and neck from getting sunburn.

The carrier holds in place with a series of plastic snap buckles and four buttons on the shoulder straps. Undoing the buttons and/or the snap buckles releases baby from your chest or back as well as undo the carrier from your own body. (Make sure you have a secure hold on your child before releasing any of the buckles or buttons.) The carrier comes in black or gray and holds babies from seven to forty-five pounds. Not recommended for preemies or babies weighing less than seven pounds or babies weighing more than forty-five pounds.

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