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Adora Charisma Piece of Cake Play Baby Doll

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Piece of Cake Toddler Doll by Adora

The Adora Piece of Cake Toddler Doll is a beautiful doll that is 20”. She arrives in a festive teal striped dress that has a vibrant cupcake on the front. The pinafore is ruffled, and she is wearing pink faux leather shoes that have tiny satin rose on the top. The Adora Piece of Cake Toddler Doll has two pony tails that have matching bows in each. The toddler doll has long, wavy brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes that open and close. Her skin is made of a special, soft vinyl that feels like real skin. The body of the toddler doll is weighted, so she feels and poses like a real baby, and she also wears a diaper.

Each feature and detail has been added to the Adora Piece of Cake Toddler Doll. She has hand blush details added to her face, and her eyelashes have been applied. Nothing is better for a birthday than receiving a “Piece of Cake” for your birthday present. Any little girl six years and older would be in awe opening the Adora toddler piece of cake doll. She is the perfect birthday gift, and she is wearing her own festive birthday colors and she also has a cupcake featured on her dress. Your daughter will be in love with her very own ‘Piece of Cake’ toddler doll. She can fix her hair, pose her, and take her everywhere.

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