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Alexander Doll Bridesmaid Amy Collectible Doll

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Little Women Bridesmaid Amy

The Bridesmaid Amy doll is a Little Women’s Doll from the series of Little Women from Madame Alexander. The Little Women is a novel by Louisa May Alcott. The story is around the lives of four sisters. Amy is the youngest sister who was twelve years old. Amy is known for her long curly light blonde hair. She has beautiful brown eyes that open and close. She is eight inches tall and is fully articulated. Pose Bridesmaid Amy is amazing positions. Bridesmaid Amy is wearing a light pink gown with pink flowers and green leaves. The gown is trimmed in three layers of white lace. The top pink layer of the gown is pleated to give a wonderful flow. The Bridesmaid Amy doll is dressed and ready for her sister’s wedding. This original Madame Alexander doll has all the fine details that collectors expect. The rosey cheeks stand out with plump red lips. The Bridesmaid Amy doll is great for anyone over the age of three years old. If you are a fan of the Little Women’s series, then Bridesmaid Amy is a must have. This is an excellent doll for any doll collector.Shop for more Madame Alexander Dolls at Babysupermarket.com.

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