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Madame Alexander Doll Scarecrow Collectible Doll

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Scarecrow Collector Doll from the Wizard of Oz

The Madame Alexander Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz is called Jack. Jack stands eight inches tall. The Scarecrow is detailed from the worn black felt hat and green band around the top of hat to the bottom of his black boots filled of straw. The delicate face has a detailed touch of stunning green eyes and triangle nose. A burlap hood is over Jack’s head along with straw coming out of it. The patches on the orange pants along with added straw hanging out makes this doll so real and life-like. Nothing would be more perfect than having the Scarecrow holding the Diploma that he wanted so much to receive when he met Oz the powerful wizard. The knees are bendable on Jack so you can pose him on his feet or his knees. This is an original Madame Alexander original dolls of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ collection. Add the scarecrow to your collection. This Madame Alexander Scarecrow would be an excellent addition to any doll collector or Wizard of Oz fan and collector. Every detail has be thought out and added to the Scarecrow for a perfect memorabilia piece.

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