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Alexander Doll With Love From Russia Doll

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With Love From Russia Collector Doll

The Made With Love From Russia doll is eight inches tall. She has beautiful brown hair that comes down to her shoulders, then curls. She has blue eyes that open and close. Her rosy checks stand out with bright red lips. The Made With Love Russian Doll is wearing a royal red gown that goes to her feet. The red gown has embroidered ribbons all the way down the front of the gown. There is beautiful colors of black, pink and yellow designs down the front of the gown. The sleeves are a white chiffon that is trimmed with the same red design and material of the gown. The neckline is white with embroided flowers. The headpiece that the Made With Love Russia Doll is a maroon background with gold circle designs. It stands out and sets this doll’s outfit. A breath-taking doll that shows royalty from Russian. This is an original Madame Alexander doll. All the fine details has been added to this doll. This is a must have for Madame Alexander collectors or an excellent addition for all doll collectors. The Made With Love Russia Doll is a perfect gift for any child over three years old. Bring a bit of Russia to your loved ones with the Made With Love Russia Doll.

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