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Adora Charisma Funsie Onesie Doll Baby Pig

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Adora Charisma Funsie Onesie Doll Baby Pig

This adorable Adora Charisma Funsie Onesie baby doll comes dressed in a precious, removable pink pig onesie. It measures 11" and is fully posable with a thumb that it can suck. The adorable doll's body consists of soft material perfect for cuddling and carrying close to the child's body. The baby pig can be placed in the washer and cleaned because it is 100% machine washable. It's suitable for children ages one-year-old and older. Just like a newborn baby, it smells like baby powder. The doll is intended to make kids better nurturers by assigning them the role of caring for the toy baby.

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