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Madame Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander Doll Going to Grandmas Huggums Baby Doll

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Going To Grandma's Huggums Play Baby Doll

Going to Grandma’s Baby Huggums is a beautiful baby doll created by Madame Alexander. The baby has blue eyes and sweet little lips. This doll is twelve inches which is the average newborn baby size. Huggums is wearing a pink coat with delicate rose buttons in front. The arms of the coat is trimmed in soft white lace. The collar is Peter Pan with a white lace trim that matches the arms along with the same delicate rose embroidery. Her little hands are covered with soft white coverings. She doesn’t have much hair, but a faint vision is around the bonnet. Grandma’s Baby Huggums is wearing a pink bonnet that has matching rose embroidery and white ties. The bonnet sets off the innocent face of the Going to Grandma’s Baby Huggums face. The baby is wearing footed pants of pink that match the coat. This baby doll is an original Madame Alexander and all the fine detail has been applied that Madame Alexander dolls are known to have. Going to Grandma’s Huggums is a life-like baby that is a must have for doll collectors everywhere. Shop for more Madame Alexander Dolls at

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