Boon Catch Toddler Bowl with Spill Catcher

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Boon Catch Bowl

Are you trying to get your little one in the habit of feeding themselves but find you are constantly cleaning up the messes they leave behind? You no longer have to worry about the tireless minutes and hours which add up to clean all the innocently wasteful scraps.

Save yourself from countless and messy clean-ups with this cleverly designed Catch Bowl by Boon. This product is designed to catch food and prevent food from spilling onto your child. In fact, it can even act as a great beginner plate for babies. This product is decorated in bold and modern colors of blue and orange. Thanks to the design and use of fun colors, it can easily be used for either gender.

MPN: B260A

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This is the perfect bowl to get your child started when teaching your child to feed themselves as they begin using utensils and experimenting with food. Attached at the base is a blue suction cup to prevent the bowl from moving or spilling over. In fact, while securing the bowl in place, parents often bring the bowl with them when visiting friends or dining at a restaurant as it easily grips to most surfaces. The built in blue colored spill guard and food catcher tilts perfectly away from your child at just the right angle. It is also flexible in case your child should bump up against it. The food would still spill into the bowl so you will have less mess and also, less waste. The top rack is dishwasher safe and chemical free, ensuring the safety of your child as well.  It does not include PVC, BPA, or Phthalate.

The Catch Bowl Blue Orange has overall dimensions of 5.6 inches by 7.2 inches and another 3.2 inches. It is lightweight as it weighs in at approximately 4.8 ounces. 



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