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People Footwear

People Footwear The Slater Kids Checker: Picket White (Graphic)

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Re-Write: People Footwear The Slater Kids Checker: Picket White (Graphic)

These trendy Picket White shoes from People Footwear are perfect for every occasion. They can be worn on formal occasions for a smart-casual look, and your kids will be the epitome of cool whether they're going out with friends, skateboarding, or making their way to the surf. 

  • They're made from durable and long-lasting EVA foam with a corresponding sole that provides cushy traction without leaving a mark.
  • They're quick and easy to slip on for an instant style update and because of the color, they can be worn with anything.
  • The vent channels on the footbed and the upper perforations are designed to keep the feet cool while the EVA foam material will keep the feet comfortable all day long.
  • Because kids will be kids, these shoes are designed with protective rubber details on the front to keep them from getting damaged when they come into contact with rocks and other abrasive objects and surfaces.
  • It's the perfect lightweight shoe to slip on for a casual look while the high-performance construction will keep the wearer ready for anything.
  • Offers a combination of contemporary style and leisurely comfort.

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