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Posh Peanut Cash Collection

Posh Peanut Pad Cover Cash

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Posh Peanut Pad Cover Cash

Changing times should always be the happiest moments for your baby. That's why we have come up with a papook viscose purely crafted from bamboo pad cover to make sure your child's changing time remains their cheeriest moment. With a four-way stretch and highly durable elastic for a perfect fit, we always guarantee quality, beautiful, and durable designs.
Our posh peanut changing table covers are comfortably elastic, buttery soft and 95% viscose from bamboo. Fitting perfectly with all standard changing pads, these washable covers also include 1 matching carry case cover.
You will never get it wrong with our pad covers. Complete your nursery aesthetic with our ultra-soft pad covers featuring 5% spandex and 95% viscose from bamboo.
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