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Lee Middleton Munchkin Straw Blonde/Blue Play Doll

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LEE MIDDLETON Munchkin Strawberry Blonde/Blue Play Doll

Bring a Newborn Nursery Munchkin baby home to your little girl and watch her learn how to be a mommy to her own precious baby. With this sweet doll that is weighted to feel like a real baby - and even needs support like a real baby - your child will learn life-skills and love-skills! This little Munchkin is 19 inches long to match the size of a newborn and weighs just 3.5 pounds so she is easy for your little mommy to hold. Look into the pretty blue eyes in the fair-skinned little face and brush back the lovely strawberry-blond hair and fall in love, she is so enchanting. This baby's little mouth is open to suck a pacifier or her tiny thumb for comfort. The artist that sculpted this doll made sure to capture even the tiniest creases and wrinkles in the precious hands and feet to make her so realistic, you almost expect her move! Make a perfect gift of this Munchkin to your own little munchkin on a special birthday or holiday and watch the mommy in her come out to play!

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