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BabyMoov Swoon Up Baby Bouncer

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Swoon Up Baby Bouncer

Simplicity and innovation meet in Baby Moov’s Swoon Up Baby Bouncer. This ergonomic design allows for a variety of positions depending on your needs – 360 degree rotation, adjustable seat and inclination, and two dominant height positions. You can keep your baby involved with family life in the interactive position, or ready to sleep peacefully with the lower, relaxed position. Combine these options with the adjustable seat, and you have a comfortable seat for playtime, or alternatively, the perfect place for a nap when the seat is fully reclined. The toy bar can also be set to different heights and stimulates your little one’s curiosity with plush, mobile-like toys. While the newborn cushion gives extra padding for comfort, the 5-point harness keeps your child safely strapped in. This bouncer is engineered to allow for rocking that follows your little one’s natural movements. With a sleek, foldable design and handle, it is portable for any occasion. We are confident that you will be satisfied and your baby both safe and comfortable with the Swoon Up Baby Bouncer.

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Swoon Up Baby Bouncer Highlights:

  • Two main positions with two different heights: Interactive (75 cm) for play and family time, and Relaxed (55 cm) for quiet and napping
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Natural rocking and bouncing movement
  • 5-point harness, to keep your little one safe and snug
  • A variety of adjustable positions. 3 for the backrest and 2 for the seat. This means you can open the seat completely for a near-flat sleeping surface, or choose to keep your little one sitting up.
  • Removable and adjustable toy bar
  • Unique folding position with handle, for ease of transport.
  • Cover washable, at 30 degrees
  • Dimensions: 75 x 77.5 x 57 cm (Interactive position); 54.5 x 96 x 57 cm (Relaxed position); 52 x 46 x 57 cm (Folded)

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