Baby Registry and Medela Rentals

BabySupermarket Baby Registry

Register for your New Baby today!

At Babysupermarket, we have simplified the process of gift giving. Your family and friends will know what is on your baby want list. As new parents this will be one last thing you will worry about. Our baby registry is easy to set up and is available both online and instore. Register for nursery furniture, cribs and dressers, bedding sets, carseats, bottles, and much more.

We rent our pumps on a monthly basis here at Cullen's Play Pen!

The Symphony is Medela's latest innovation in hospital-grade electric double pumps. This pump has the added advantage of mimicking the sucking pattern of the baby. The pump action begins with a fast, light pattern to enhance let-down, and then switches to a slower and stronger expression phase. The mother can easily change from single pumping to double. We recommend this pump to Mothers who are looking for a lightweight and compact alternative to the Classic Breastpump. Use of this pump requires Medela's Symphony pumping kit. Sold separately.