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Adora Charisma Babytime Pink Baby Doll

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Babytime Pink Charisma Baby Doll by Adora 

The Adora Charisma BabyTime pink baby doll is designed to have the look-and-feel of a real newborn! Your little ones will enjoy countless hours of playtime mimicking their parents with this adorably-dressed toy! This 16-inch doll has a weighted body to make it feel like holding a real baby! The Adora doll will become your child’s best friend, and will teach your youngster the art of sharing, caring for another, and creating precious moments!

You will absolutely adore watching your child’s imaginative play while they learn what it is like to be a mommy! The Adora Charisma doll comes complete with a kid-friendly feeding bottle, soft white blanket, and pink embroidered onesie! Ideal for children aged three and up! Additional outfits and accessories are available.

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Adora  Hope Adoption Baby Doll


Encourage nurturing from a young age with an Adora Adoption Baby. Designed to promote mindful play and parenting, the dolls measure 16” from top to bottom and come with a soft body for children to cradle. The babies have vinyl arms and legs which feel real to the touch. They also smell like baby powder!

Four dolls with different skin tones and eye colors are available to choose from. Your little one can play with Hope, Cherish, Precious or Joy. Each adopted baby comes with a certificate of adoption, hospital bracelet, removable pacifier, and disposable diaper much like a real baby.

Baby Hope is fair-skinned with blue eyes that open and close. She’s swaddled in a super soft blanket made of microfiber material and comes with a crib where your child can put her to bed. Your little one will experience the joy that adults feel when they bring their new baby home.

Adoption babies can be named whatever your child chooses for them. The doll is meant for children ages three years old and up. It is weighted with a bean bag body making it feel like a real newborn baby. The baby doll’s clothing is removable so your child can take care of it the way a real parent would.

Meaningful play is possible with a family of Adora adoption baby dolls. Your child can parent a family of little dolls. With four different options to choose from, it’s easy to tell the difference between each toy based on how they look and what they’re wearing.

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