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Adora Charisma Bath Time Baby Doll Frog

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Frog Bath Time Adora Charisma Baby Doll

Make bath time memorable and enjoyable with the Bath time baby frog. This baby doll will surely melt your child’s heart. This is a unique and cute way to bring fun and exciting play time during bath time. Most kids dread to hear “bath time”, however with the bath time baby frog you can encourage a fun and exciting play time that will have your child looking forward to their next bath. Your child can spend pretend play time with their new friend. The baby dolls body is very soft and detailed with a printed swimsuit. The head, arms, and legs are made of durable, lasting vinyl material. The bath time baby comes with a removable frog themed bathrobe and their very own washcloth.

A clever and unique feature that this doll has the ability to open and close its eyes depending on the position it is put in! This is a great way to intrigue your young child. The overall dimensions of the Bath Time Baby Frog are 13 inches tall by 7 inches wide and it weighs approximately 2.5 pounds. 

The Adora Charisma Bath Time Frog baby has big blue eyes that open and closes. The baby is 13 inches long. She has fingernails and toenails as every detail has been done with this handmade baby doll that is an exclusive and original Adora baby doll. The baby is wearing a frog robe that is green with an orange tie. The arms are trimmed in the same orange. The hood of the robe is the frogs face with big white eyes. Underneath the robe the baby is wearing a swimsuit. The baby comes with a washcloth for bathing. The baby can be taken in the water as it has been made with an exclusive ‘QuikDri’ method. The Adora Charisma Bath Time Baby Frog baby is perfect for any child one year and older and makes an exceptional addition for any doll collection.

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