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Adora Charisma Bath Time Baby Doll Shark

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Shark Bath Time Baby Doll

Most children don’t enjoy bath time unless they have something fun and exciting to occupy them with in the tub. The Bath time baby shark is specifically made for bath play. The doll comes with an adorable shark-themed terry cloth bathrobe that is removable. This is the perfect doll to introduce your child to during bath time. The shark-theme fits any type of water activity you may be participating in, whether it is bath time or a dip in the pool. The Bath Time Baby Shark doll can keep your child company and may even take the fear of water out of their minds. When the bathrobe is removed your doll is already dressed in a well-constructed quick drying bathing suit and made of a soft material and a soft vinyl body that’s easy to squeeze or hug. The bath time baby dolls big blue eyes close when the doll lays down.

The bath time baby dolls are handmade of quality and durable materials that are long lasting. This product is recommended for children age 1 year and older. This 13 inch doll weighs approximately 2.4 pounds.

The Adora Charisma Bath Time Baby Shark baby has blue eyes and hand sculpted hair. The baby is 13 inches in length just like a newborn baby. The Bath Time Baby Shark is wearing a purple robe that is trimmed in shark teeth around the face and neck of the robe. The purple robe is tied with a bright pink tie that is the same color of the shark’s fin on the top of the hat on the robe. Underneath the robe, the baby has her bathing suit on and ready for swimming. She has soft skin that has been made out of Gentle Touch vinyl to represent the softness of a new baby’s skin. The Adora Charisma Bath Time Baby Shark has finger and toe nails. The Adora baby is handmade and is an original Adora baby. This baby is perfect for children one year and older. The baby comes with a wash cloth and can be taken in the bathtub as the doll has had an exclusive “QuikDri” body from Adora so it will dry quickly and can be played with immediately. This is an excellent baby for any doll collection.

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