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Adora Charisma Doll Umbrella Stroller with Shade

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Doll Umbrella Stroller with Shade

Your child will enjoy this beautiful and lightweight medium shade umbrella stroller. The seat and fabric are made of a beautiful floral print, perfect for your baby girl’s dolls. The height of the handle is adjustable making it comfortable and easy to use for anyone and especially children of all heights. The strapped belt will hold your child’s doll snug in place making her feel that much more secure about her friend. The wheels are made of plastic and the frame of the stroller is metal. There is even a small storage under the seat for your child to take any of her toys or even her doll’s accessories and toys.

It is very easy for parents to quickly assemble with the use of basic or no tools. It is perfect for children ages 2 years and older! This stroller is a great way to possibly even introduce your child to a new brother and sister. The stroller provides all the support and security for the doll as a regular stroller would for a newborn, making it feel that much more real. The overall dimensions are 19 inches by 10 inches by 21 inches and it weighs approximately 2.9 pounds

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