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Adora Charisma Little Princess Baby Doll Dark Skin

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Life- Like Little Princess Baby Play Doll

This beautiful 13 inch play time baby doll is part of the Adora collection of dolls. The beautiful little doll has a handful of life-like features making it more fun for your child to play with. The Little Princess features a dark skin tone and beautiful brown eyes. The baby doll is dressed in a soft light pink fleece onesie that has a pink princess crown embroidered on the front. The baby can suck its thumb and even comes with their own feeding bottle.

The doll is made of a durable soft vinyl and a soft cuddly body. The baby doll is even scented with a fresh baby powder scent. A beautiful pink lace headband comes attached on the head and tied in a beautiful bowtie. The baby’s bottom is weighed down with bean bags making it easy to position into a sitting position.

Most importantly, the doll is machine washable for many years of use. It’s the perfect toy for children ages one and older. The overall dimensions are 13 inches tall by 4 inches wide and it weighs approximately 2 pounds.



MPN: 201220937

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