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Adora Charisma Lola Fashion Friends Play Doll

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Lola Friends Fashion Girl Play Doll

Meet Lola, the perfect play doll for all young girls. This play doll is one your child will never forget. It has beautiful long brown wavy hair and a medium skin tone. Not only is it beautiful but Lola also comes dressed in casual clothing with small shoes included. This very well constructed doll stands nearly 18 inches tall. Lola is a part of the Adora Friends collection of play dolls, which gives your child options for more interchangeable outfits. The Adora Friends dolls are all built with quality materials that are made to last! Your child will remember Lola for many years to come and can maybe even pass it down to her younger sibling one day.

This very cute and stylish doll has a pleasant and friendly facial expression; making it a perfect friend for your child. Aside from being well-constructed and fashionably equipped, the doll has moveable body parts, making it easy to change poses and positions. In fact, the eyes open and close, depending on the movement of the body. As the doll lays down, the eyes close, giving it a sleeping effect. This is a great, unique, and fun way to encourage your child to take a nap or call it a night. Not only do her eye movements flow with her body positions but her hand moves to various positions as well.

The doll comes with 2 friendship bracelets that your child can wear with her new friend, Lola. Children especially enjoy changing outfits on this doll. Parents can take advantage of the neat feature of Lola by purchasing additional accessories and outfits for your child to play with.

The Adora Friends Lola is recommended for children 6 years of age and older. The overall product dimensions are 18 inches tall by 9.5 inches wide. It weighs approximately 4.5 pounds.



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