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Adora Charisma Mia Fashion Friends Play Doll

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Mia Adora Friends Fashion Play Doll

Your child and new doll will become best friends in no time with the Adora Friends Mia play doll. Mia stands 18 inches tall and has beautiful silky long brown hair, big brown eyes and a light skin tone. The doll is made of durable, high quality material. It is safe and made to be played with in addition to being pass down from generation to generation. The Adora Friends doll comes with a friendship bracelet.

This is the perfect doll for all of your child’s needs and desires. Whether, they are playing make believe or even ready for a nap, the Adora Friends Mia is the doll for your daughter. She’ll enjoy falling asleep and cuddling up with her new best friend. The doll has all the features for any time and any occasion. The doll has features that make her eyes close and her body positions change. When Mia is laid down to sleep, her eyes close. Alongside the fun features, the doll also comes fully clothed in her own style of leggings, a dress and shoes!

Aside from the outfit the Adora Friends Mia play doll already comes with, parents can purchase a variety of different accessories and outfits for her. This is a great way to keep the doll fresh and your child enthused. The doll is recommended for children ages 6 years and older. Due to the well-constructed materials, this doll can become your child’s best friend for many years and even be a gift for your next child.

The overall dimensions are 18 inches tall by 7 inches wide and it weighs approximately 4.5 pounds.

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