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Adora Charisma Pin Four Seasons Play Baby Doll

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 Pin Four Seasons Toddler Doll

The Adora Pin Four Seasons Toddler Doll is twenty inches tall, and the body is weighted, so the doll feels like a real baby. Her skin is made of soft vinyl, and scented with a touch of baby shower, so when your child plays with her, she will be just like having a real life baby. The Pin Four Seasons Toddler Doll has beautiful sandy blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes. She comes dressed in a nautical outfit, and complete with white shoes. The Adora Pin Four Seasons Toddler Doll comes with four outfits to represent each season. There is a fall, spring, winter, and summer outfit, so your child can change her according to the season. The Autumn outfit features orange pumpkins trimmed in brown and white polka-dot border, the winter outfit is a Christmas tree all decorated with a bright red bows, and the spring outfit features a bunny with pretty yellow and purple flowers featured on top of a pink and white striped background. The Adora Pin A Four Seasons Toddler Doll is the perfect gift for any little girl anytime of the year. Your child will appreciate dressing her own little baby, fixing her hair, and making her pretty for her family and friends.


The Adora Pin Four Seasons Toddler Doll is the perfect baby doll for children six years and older. Each detail has been added to the doll. Hand details have been added, even down to the applied eyelashes. A pretty pink bow has been attached to the toddler’s soft blonde hair. Any little girl would love to have their very own Adora Pin Four Seasons Toddler Doll to have tea parties, dress up, and to take with them everywhere they go.

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