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Alexander Doll Babble Baby Sweet Baby Play Doll

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Babble Baby Sweet Baby Blonde/Blue Eyes Play Doll

The Madame Alexander Babble Baby Sweet Baby Doll has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has rosy cheeks and his has a big smile on his face. His skin is made with a soft vinyl skin that is gentle and soft to the touch. The Babble Baby Sweet Baby Doll is wearing a white onesie sleeper that has the iconic 'Babble Baby Newborn Nursery' emblem in pink and blue on the front of the sleeper along with the BB in the center. Babble Baby Sweet Baby boy is nineteen inches long and weighs four pounds, which is the size of a new baby, so children can use their imagination to pretend to be a parent. The Madame Alexander Babble Sweet Baby doll is very unique and unlike any other baby doll. He responds to you and your child's voice. He has eighty different baby sounds such like crying, laughing, cooing, and babbling. When your child talks to his babble baby, then the babble baby will respond back. The Babble Sweet Baby doll is excellent for children three years and older. If you are looking for a doll that your child can love, nurture, and use their imagination. The Madame Alexander Babble Sweet Baby is the perfect Christmas present for any little girl or boy. Authorized Dealer of Madame Alexander Dolls

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