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Baby Buddy Tooth Tissues for Baby's Teeth

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Stage 1: Tooth Tissues by Baby Buddy

Promote lifelong good dental hygiene from birth with Baby Buddies Tooth Tissues. As an adult and a parent, you understand the importance of healthy teeth and gums. And you take the appropriate steps to ensure good oral health through brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups. Why not ensure that your child gets a head start in these healthy habits? Baby Buddies tooth tissues are the first step on this important journey with the Baby Buddy Oral Care Program. Our Tooth Tissues dental wipes are Stage One to start baby off right.

You can rely on Baby Buddy for all natural and safe products for your precious infant. Our Tooth Tissues are certified natural allowing you to confidently clean your child’s gums and baby teeth regularly, ensuring they always have a healthy, happy smile. Children enjoy the bubble-gum flavor of these bamboo* wipes, and parents appreciate knowing they include NO paraben or fluoride.

The Baby Buddies Tooth Tissues were developed by family dentists who are also parents who want the best dental health for their offspring. These wipes use a proprietary blend of hydrated silica and xylitol. They were created especially for baby and toddler gums and teeth. Once your toddler’s back molars appear, you should move to brushing your child’s teeth with a toothbrush suitable for his age and dental needs. (Please review our full line of products for your child’s good oral hygiene.)

As a bonus, Tooth Tissues can be used with Baby Buddy Wipe-N-Brush to help minimize the pain and discomfort of teething. Clean and soothe your baby’s gums with our all-natural products for children.

    • Natural, textured Bamboo Wipes with Xylitol

    • 100% viscose from bamboo*

    • 30 wipes per package for top value

    • Natural Products Association has certified Tooth Tissues

    • Disposable

    • Fluoride and Paraben-free

    • Created for infants from birth to 16 months (or when baby’s back molars come in)

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