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BabyMoov Expert Care Voice Baby Monitor

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Expert Care Baby Monitor

Sleep soundly knowing your baby is safe with Baby Moov’s Expert Care Baby Monitor. Place one of these sleek, black and white monitors in your child’s bedroom and the other in your own, and you will hear when your little one begins crying or murmuring in the middle of the night. These monitors will work anywhere within 2,600 feet of each other. Using Digital Green Technology, this monitor allows for zero interference and clear sound, while simultaneously relying on low energy emissions for a safer nursery environment. Extra functions of this product include a nightlight on the transmitter (set to either continuous or voice command) to provide your little one with a little extra comfort, an automatic channel search for optimal efficiency, and 3 types of alarms (sound, visual, and vibration) that let you know if the battery is low or the monitors out of range. The lithium batteries in the receiver allow for a long life and therefore reliable use for a piece of technology with one of the most important jobs in the world: keeping your child safe.

Expert Care Baby Monitor Highlights:

  • Two parts, transmitter and receiver
  • Digital Green Technology, allows for clear sound, no interference, and low energy emissions
  • Sleek and ergonomic black and white design
  • 2, 600 foot range, with plenty of wiggle room so you can place these monitors wherever you need them
  • Automatic channel search, for optimal efficiency
  • Nightlight on the transmitter, which can be set to either continuous or voice activation
  • 3 types of alarms (sound, visual, and vibration) to let you know if you are out of range or low on battery
  • Power: 1.25 mW
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable, long-life Lithium Batteries (transmitter), AAA Batteries (receiver), or Adapters (supplied for both monitors)
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