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BabyDam Bathtub Divider

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Will BabyDam Work In YOUR TUB?

As illustrated below, your tub must be a standard size and shaped tub with a smooth surface.

Bringing home a new baby, whether it's your first or your last, involves a whole slew of expenses that can wreak havoc on your finances. It is because of this that we, as parents, are always on the lookout for gadgets and techniques that will allow us to save money. Enter the patented BabyDam® Bathtub Divider, a technologically superior product that converts a regular adult bathtub into the perfect space to bathe your baby, helping you save money, while conserving water, and energy.

Thanks to its carefully engineered design, the BabyDam Bathtub Divider will create a smaller, more secure space within your bathtub, making bath time more comfortable and fun both for you and your child. As if that weren't enough, BabyDam can also be fitted to varying sizes, allowing you to bathe your child for a span of several years without having to fill the entire tub.

In these days of climate change, water shortages and rising energy costs, the patented BabyDam® Bathtub Divider can help you save on your water & heating bills, paying for itself over and over, all while becoming one of the most important additions to your home as your baby, and your family grow.


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Will babydam work in Your tub

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