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Blush and Blue Large Swaddle Blanket Floral Fields

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Blush and Blue Large Swaddle Blanket

This Blush & Blue Large Swaddle Blanket is one that you definitely want to have ready for your baby to be swaddle every single day. It is made with our jersey knit fabric that is blended, which is the signature fabric we always use. This gives off that soft touch that we love and it makes it easy for you to stretch so you can have the perfect swaddle for your baby! This swaddle blanket is breathable and very comfortable for the baby.

This large size is great for you… it is 36” x 54”. So if you have a child that is a newborn or a little older you will still be able to use it. And when your child is ready to move from the swaddling stage, it makes for a great security blanket for toddlers to always keep around them. The design on this blanket is an image of three mountains and it will be a great addition to keep your child in and give them the feeling of being safe and warm.

The Blush & Blue Large Swaddle Blanket is just the best swaddle blanket that you will be able to find and you are sure to be able to swaddle your child with ease and you both will love it.


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