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Boon Ledge Water Table

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Boon Ledge Bath Water Table

“Splish, splash, keep water in the bath.”

In the eyes of us parents and caregivers, the edge of the bathtub is just that, the edge of the bathtub. Our children see it as a racetrack, runway, launching pad, battlefield, and to our dread, a tidal wave zone. This is where the Ledge Water Table comes in, as it is the ideal tool for increasing the amount of usable play space in your bathtub and to keep water off of your bathroom floor. It a toy shelf that folds up when it is not in use and it allows for your child to have all the imaginative play that they want while it drains the water that they get into it back into the bathtub. Isn’t it the most innovative bath toy and floor protector available? Along with all these great benefits, it has a lot of wonderful benefits as well.

  • As I previously mentioned, this bath toy folds up for easy storing and drains water back into the bathtub.
  • The drain holes on the lower level create a rain cloud effect.
  • The suction cups stick to most standard bathtubs (up to 5” deep tub)
  • It is recommended for children ages six months old and up.
  • It is also made without BPA.

Children can a lot of fun when they play with this bath toy and the parents do not have to worry about water getting everywhere while their child is playing in the tub. That is why the Boon Ledge Water Table is the best bath toy for little ones.

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