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NUNA AACE Booster Car Seat Caviar

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NUNA'S AACE Booster car seat gives comfort to your child and convenience to you with its streamlined and fully customizable 3D growth system. As practical as it is beautiful, the AACE exceeds American safety standards. Simple to adjust and easy to clean, you will get years of life out this booster seat as it grows with your child.

The AACE's Booster Car Seat Caviar unique "3D growth system" utilizes sophisticated features like:

    Grow Upwith the  height adjustable in 9 positions and one hand operation headrest.
        Grow Out with with the expanding shoulder system that works along side with the headrest.
            Grow Onwith a seat that provides 3 depths giving legs plenty of room for growth and support .

              Safety is top priority with the AACE. You'll never have to doubt that your child is protected with these attributes:

              • Side impact protection pods made from foam with energy absorbing capabilties taking side impact security to the next level.
              • Belt positioning aids and colored belt path indicators to assure correct shoulder belt routing and minimize user error.
              • Low anchor connections allowing for easy securing of the seat for travel.
              MPN: CS07007CVR

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              Final added enhancements to the NUNA AACE Booster Car Seat are the dishwasher-safe cup holder and the breathable knit fabric. Panels within the shell of the seat are ventilated to create a comfortable ride for even the longest of car trips. And with washable fabric you'll always be able to clean up life's little messes.

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