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Britax Endeavours Infant Safety Car Seat Circa

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Britax Endeavours Spark Rear Facing Infant Car Seat

The Britax Endeavours Infant Car Seat is made with safety and care in mind for your new little one. It has two layers of protection against side impact with the shock absorbing foam. The special bar you see up front is made to stabilize the seat in case of impact. This specific bar is made of steel and actually is used to keep the seat from rotating at a 30% rate. With all this safety in mind, it was made to be easily used too.This seat is very lightweight coming in at only 11 pounds. The adjustable seat harness makes it very convenient for you to adjust with your growing baby. There is a special flip forward technology which makes it super easy for you to buckle the baby in and in the event of any diaper blow out or messes that come with a new baby, the cover easily slides off and is completely washable. There is so much more I could go on about but I do want to point out one last thing, the canopy is very nice on sunny days and provides just the right amount of shadow to protect those sensitive little eyes.
MPN: E1A535Q

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