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Britax Spark Frontier Clicktight Child Safety Seat

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Spark Frontier Clicktight Child Safety Seat

Anyone looking for a great forward facing car seat will love this Britax Solstice Frontier ClickTight child safety seat. It is one of the top selling seats for good reason. This seat combines an added layer of impact protection along the sides of the seat with the ClickTight Installation System that lets you know that your little one is always safely secured. This installation system is one of the easiest and safest types of installation system available today to give you the peace of mind in knowing that your child is safe.

MPN: E1A409L

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The seat also features a steel frame and impact-absorbing base in addition to the added layer of side protection. If you need to adjust the seat, you can do so with just the push of a single button. You don’t have to worry about rethreading the harness, thus saving you time and effort in using your new seat.

The premium fabric and padding can easily be removed for washing. Children from 25 pounds on up to 120 pounds can sit comfortably in this seat, allowing you to easily transition from a forward facing seat into a booster seat. Choose from a variety of different fabric combinations to complement your individual style and taste. Authorized Britax Spark Dealer

Measuring Guide Weight (lbs) Seated Shoulder Height (in) Standing Height (in)
2 years &
25, up to 90
12.5-20.5 30 –58
Booster 40 – 120 15-23 45-62



The Frontier ClickTight is a top-selling seat that pairs an extra layer of side impact protection along with the super-easy
ClickTight Installation System – so you know your child is always properly secured.
• The ClickTight Installation System gives you the safest and easiest installation every time so you can be certain your
loved one is safe
• Safeguards your child with an extra layer of side impact protection, an impact-absorbing base and steel frame
• Easily adjusts with the push of a button – no need to rethread the harness
• Wraps your child in comfort with premium padding and fabrics
• Includes removable harness padding



Product Weight (lbs): 25
Harness Min (in): 19W × 28H × 21D
Harnessed Max (in): 19W x 36H x 21D
Booster Min (in): 19W x 28H x 21D
Booster Max (in): 19W x 36H x 21D
Seating Compartment Height (in): 23.5
Seat Area Depth/Width (in): 13.5/ 12
Shoulder Width (in): 15.5
Harness Slot Heights (in): 12.5/ 13.5/ 14.5/ 15.5/ 16.5, 17.5/ 18.5/ 19.5/ 20.5
Buckle Strap Depth (in): 7.0, 9.0

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