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Chuggington Wooden Railway Frostini and Ice Cream

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Chuggington's Frostini and Ice Cream Chuggers

Who brings ice cream and frosty treats to all the boys and girls of Chuggington? Why Chuggington's own Frostini, of course! The Chuggington Wooden Railway Frostini and Ice Cream train car is an accurate reproduction of the beloved cartoon character. His special flip-up hood reveals treats that everyone in Chuggington can enjoy. Add some of Frostini's friends who are dining cars, and the connecting magnets will have your little engineer maneuvering food and train rides all over his or her imaginary world. Should your child attempt to lick or bite the ice cream pictured on Frostini, the non-toxic paint will keep your child safe. Ages 2+

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