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Colgate Kids EverTrue Grand Crib Mattress

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Comfort and firmness are the requirements for the best baby mattress for your child or toddler. The Colgate Kids EverTrue Grand Crib Mattress is suitable for these dear ones because it has dual firmness with advanced safety comfort and health features. It also has a two-stage sleep system that combines Colgate’s exclusive SecureCore Technology, which incorporates a breathable honeycomb mesh fabric spacer for quality flow of air.

The characteristics of this top rated crib mattress make for the best sleeping position for your child in addition to availing continuous support for the child, sufficient air circulation and instant relief from pressure. One side of this mattress avails the firmness that infants as they develop, while the other side is comfortable for toddlers because it has the Comfort Soft foam in it.

Another unique feature of this mattress are the ultrasonically-welded side seams and plant-oil infused eco foam.

Some of the features and benefits of this baby mattress include:

  • It is resistant to stain and odor.
  • It also resists the penetration of water on the inside.
  • The dual firmness characteristic is appropriate for both infants and toddlers.
  • It is free from phalate or lead.
  • It is hypoallergenic and has Comfortsoft foam.
  • It incorporates SecureCore Technology, which enhances air circulation.

These qualities are essential to ensure that every child is as comfortable as possible as they rest and that the development of young ones will not be inhibited in any way. As a parent, these are some of the attributes you need to consider when finding the appropriate mattress for your child. This is especially important for those who lack insight on what to look for in a crib matress for their children and where there is a lack of concrete details.

With these details as a parent or customer at a store, you are better equipped to get the best mattress for your child.

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