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Corolle Babipouce Pink Striped Play Baby Doll

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This is the ideal doll for any ages, from newborn and up. It is a high-quality designed and crafted doll that measures 11 inches tall. It features a super-plush body that is idea for cuddling. The skin is a supple vinyl that has been slightly scented with vanilla, which is a signature of the Corolle brand. Additionally, this doll is machine washable, making care and maintenance a breeze for parents.

This is the very best doll around for those kids who are still very young. The plush body is designed for hugging and perfect for small fingers to grasp. The clothing is all sewn on, ensuring there are no small parts or pieces that could create a choking hazard.

Corolle Babipouce Pink Striped Play Baby Doll

The doll features blue eyes and a small wisp of hair that has been painted on, ensuring that there are no issues for your baby. The lightweight doll is likely going to quickly become one of your little ones favorite toys. Just like all of other Corolle’s dolls, this one was designed and crafted in France, offering parents the peace of mind that is only offered by such a well-known and high quality brand. 

The Corolle Babipounce Pink Striped baby doll has pretty blue eyes and sculptured hair. The baby is a soft pillow doll that can be machine washed. The Corolle Babipounce Pink Stripped baby is 12 inches in length. The baby is wearing a soft pink and white stripped velour pajamas with a hat attached for the baby’s head. A ruffle collar is around the neck of the baby which sets this pajama set off. This is an original Corolle baby doll that was styled in France and perfect for infants and baby’s first doll. An added baby doll for Corolle collectors or a fine addition to any doll collection.

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