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Corolle Mon Classique Lila Cherie Baby Doll

Corolle Mon Classique Lila Cherie Baby Doll

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Corolle Lila Cherie Doll

The Corolle Lila Cherie doll was first introduced back in 2013 and is 17 inches in height. The original doll received the Platinum Oppenheim Best Toy Award. From then, Corolle took the exceptional doll they already created and worked to future improve it.

The Lila Cherie baby doll is much more than just another baby doll offered by the Corolle brand. In fact, she is an extremely special 17 inch baby doll due to the fact that she actually sounds like an authentic baby. This doll cries, laughs and babbles. Much like the first Lila doll this doll will babble when you press down on her hand, laugh when you stop to tickle here tummy and cry if you lay her on her tummy.

This doll will suck on her bottle or pacifier when you are feeding here. As an additional bonus with this doll, you will notice a blush in her cheeks when babbling or crying. In addition to having an all new feature, this doll is also equipped with a number of new accessories. You will receive the doll, pacifier, cap, feeding bottle and bib. 

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