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Covered Goods Four in One Nursing Cover

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Covered Goods Four in One Nursing Cover

Embarrassed about nursing in public? Scared that people will stare at you when you are feeding your baby? Then, you are about to wave goodbye to your fears and potential embarrassment.
Although you have the option of using a baby blanket – tucked right into your bra straps – why go through all that hassle and potential awkwardness when there’s a product you can get to provide you with better coverage and more privacy?
The Four in One Nursing Cover from Covered Goods is the solution you have been looking for. With it, you will be able to cover more than you ever did before. As the name suggests, this is a multipurpose cover that doubles up as a car seat shade, an infinity scarf, a shopping cart cover, and (as you might have guessed) a nursing cover.
Proprietary in its design and super chic in looks, this nursing cover comes with a lightweight, breathable, and stretchy fabric. You can use it without getting too hot or uncomfortable for your baby and yourself.
With the Covered Goods™ nursing cover, you will get to enjoy such features as:
- It can function as a shopping cart cover, scarf, and car seat cover as well as privacy for your nursing moments.
- The Four in One Nursing Cover provides coverage all around your body – both front and back
- You can put it on and take it off in a matter of seconds

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