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DockATot Grand Dock Silver Lining

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DockATot Grand Dock Silver Lining

You probably remember the day you brought your baby home and placed him in his bassinette like it was yesterday. But now, barely a few months later, your little baby has grown. He’s getting too big for his bassinette but not quite big enough to sleep in a proper bed. The perfect solution as an inbetweener is this DockATot Grand Dock.

The dock measures 39 x 47 inches and was designed as a transitioning bed for babies 9 to 36 months. The wonderful thing about the DockATot Grand Dock are the air permeable bumpers, not only do they ensure the safety of your baby, but it gives him a sense of security as if two arms are hugging them.

The dock is more than a comfy bed for home, though. If you need to carry your baby from one room to another without the chance of him waking up, the DockATot Grand Dock will keep him soundly in dreamland.

It also provides your baby with a familiar place to sleep with he visits grandma’s house, goes for a sleepover, or accompanies you on vacation. Everyone who has ever slept in a strange environment you knows how difficult it can be to fall asleep and stay asleep in a strange bed. The Grand Dock takes care of that problem.

When the time comes to wash the Grand Dock that no problem either. All materials used are washable breathable, hypoallergenic, with hygienic and non-toxic properties.

The Grand Dock was designed in Sweden and made in Europe.


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