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Ergo Baby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

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Ergo Baby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

The Ergobaby Nursing Pillow features a beautiful cover that gives nursing mothers the extra support needed when nursing and bonding with their little one. Nothing is more natural than being able to feed your little one. Many moms had concerns about breastfeeding, so our team worked to develop a solution that works for everyone. It is made from a solid foam and features a unique contour that helps position your little one at the perfect height to prevent you from having to slouch over. The ergonomic structure helps maintain its shape over the course of time.

Get the support you need when relaxing and bonding with your little one.

            • Addresses back pain, comfort and arm support.
            • Unique contouring positions provide comfortable breastfeeding support.
            • Aid in digestion by supporting baby’s head above their tummy.
            • Put the baby in a comfortable position and height to prevent back pain.
            • Maintains its shape for added support over the years.
            • The pillow wraps around your waist so you can use it as an armrest.
            • Developed by nursing moms and lactation experts.
            • The interior lining protects against spills.
            • The plush pillow cover is comfortable for your baby and can be washed in the machine easily.

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