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Fat Brain Toy Animal Crackers Baby Toy

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Fat Brain Toy Animal Crackers Baby Toy

Your baby loves bright colors and animals and the Fat Brain Animal Crackers Baby Toy is a great way to combine both of those things. Not only do you get a hippo, elephant and lion that they can play with, but each one is a fun, bright color that's really going to catch their eye. The hinges on each animal make cracking sounds that keep your little one entertained and the fact that these toys are full of ridges and sensory pieces make them even better for your growing child to enjoy.

  • Perfect for sensory learning
  • Snap together for even more fun
  • Sized just right for your little one to hold
  • Great for taking on trips
  • Improve auditory and motor skills
  • Teaches cause and effect, imaginative play and tactile learning
  • Great for teething children
  • Made with ABS plastic that's child-safe, even for biting
  • Designed for 6 months + (as long as they love playing and imagining with animals)
  • Lightweight, high quality and durable materials for long lasting play
  • Designed to last even under your baby's more strenuous play
  • Perfect for improving and promoting imagination in your younger children

Your little one will be able to play with these toys with no problem, because they're designed for a whole lot of great experiences. Each toy is sized so they can hold onto it comfortably and play with the hinges, teeth with it or anything else. If you're looking for something fun for your little one, that's going to be inexpensive, easy to use and a whole lot more, this is definitely something you'll want to take a look at. Your little one will definitely enjoy and you'll be able to play animals with them at the same time. There's no reason to settle for less than ideal toys for your baby.

MPN: FA145-1

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