Glenna Jean Victoria Convertible Baby Crib Rail Protector

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Victoria Convertible Baby Crib Rail Protector

Glenna Jean Victoria 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Crib Rail Protector is a beautiful and effective way to protect your teething babe and their crib. The blush rail protector is lightly padded to provide your bundle of joy with a comfortable, safe and stylish dreaming haven. The backing is plushy soft with a strong and durable waterproof lining.

All Glenna Jean Victoria products are hand sewn by expert seamstresses in the United States with quality fabrics that insure your baby's comfort. The ballerina pink and creamy color palette of the rail protector are ideal for creating a soothing environment. Glenna Jean offers an entire range of corresponding accessories for the Victoria style line. Your child will grow up feeling like royalty with these elegant and timeless decorations.

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