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HABA Habatown Blocks

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Many parents want their kids to go on to develop engineering skills and the abilities that will allow them to succeed at STEM fields. Building structures with HABA Habatown Blocks can make all the difference. The colorful blocks will also help kids stay stimulated visually, helping to encourage brain development. These blocks were designed to last a long time and to be resistant to the elements, so kids will stay entertained for years using these blocks. Parents who are looking for non-toxic and environmentally friendly toys should know that these blocks were made with lacquers that are solvent-free and water-based.

HABA Habatown Blocks Details

Age:12 Months +
  • UPC Code: 4010168213873
  • Model Number: 300692
  • Height: 3.35
  • Length: 11.81
  • Width: 11.81
  • Made In: China
  • Brand: HABA
  • Materials: wood
  • Awards: N/A
MPN: 300692

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