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HABA Walker Wagon

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HABA Walker Wagon Details

Lots of parents want to give their children toys that are going to encourage them to develop their fine motor skills while also getting them to walk around and to move. The HABA Walker Wagon is able to do that, making movement really fun for kids in the process. This wagon is sturdy enough that parents can rest assured that their kids are going to be safe in this context. The wagon even has pockets that can be used to store toys, making it that much more useful for both kids and parents, whether the wagon is in storage or out of storage.

Age:10 Months +
  • UPC Code: 4010168064321
  • Model Number: 6432
  • Height: 20.00
  • Length: 16.75
  • Width: 12.75
  • Made In: Bulgaria
  • Brand: HABA
  • Materials: Beech wood, Polyester
MPN: 6432

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