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Just Born Ruffled Medallions Crib Liner

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Just Born Ruffled Medallions Crib Liner

When you are looking for a crib liner for your babies’ crib you want to have one that is the best there is to have and you want one that is unique to your decorations and style for the room. The Ruffled Medallion Fresh Air Crib Liner is one that you definitely want to have when you are in the market for a crib liner.

This crib liner has been designed by experts and it has been crafted after pediatricians have been consulted… this has been done to ensure that your baby has a sound sleep all while they are being kept safe. It comes in classic colors of gray and white and it is a great alternative to a crib bumper. This crib liner is adjustable and it fits most slatted cribs that have 4 sides… it locks into place making sure it is protective and it also is transparent and ventilated with mesh material. That allows it to be breathable; there is also a single layer of mesh that allows a fresh flow of air so that your baby is safe while they are sleeping and they will also have the ability to see while they are in the crib if they aren’t sleep. This will give them a sense of security and peace of mind.

This is the crib liner you should have for safe keeping and sleeping environment for your child.

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