Lee Middleton Munchkin Baby Play Doll

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 LEE MIDDLETON Munchkin Blonde/Blue Play Doll

This beautiful Newborn Nursery Munchkin by Lee Middleton looks so real, you just want to give her a big cuddle. At 19 inches long and 3.5 pounds, she is even weighted to feel just like a real baby. Her head even needs gentle support, so your little girl can practice her mothering skills! With pretty blond hair and sparkling blue eyes, this doll's face will enchant you and make you smile. Her mouth is slightly open so she can suck her thumb or a pacifier like a real little darling. The artist sculpts these dolls down to the tiny creases and wrinkles in the soft vinyl feet, hands and faces so that they look so realistic, it's almost like holding a true baby! Any little girl would be so proud to take baby out for a walk in the neighborhood with her beautiful Munchkin baby doll, so bring this sweetheart home to your sweetheart as a lovely gift!

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