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Lolli Living Aeroplanes Baby Bed Bumper

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Details:Aeroplanes Baby Bed Bumper

If you are looking for a baby nursery design that looks fresh and new but also want to embrace the vintage and nostalgic feel, you need the classic design of the Living 63 Aeroplanes Baby Bed Bumper. Featuring a fleet of aeroplanes soaring along a skyscape of a distant past with a sense of whimsical affection for a bygone era, the Aeroplanes Baby Bed Bumper features a color palette of grays, blues, and maroons. This is a 4-piece baby bed bumper set that will line your baby's crib and bring the style and look of your baby's new nursery together. The Living 63 Aeroplanes Baby Bed Bumper also comes with coordinating ties to attach the bumper to the crib and the set is composed of 100% premium cotton.

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