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Lolli Living Stella 4 Piece Baby Nursery Set

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Why People Will Love The Lolli Four-Piece Crib Set

Spring has arrived and the tiniest people of the forest floor run around and move throughout the forest without a care in the world. They love looking at the beautiful flowers and the wind-blown leaves. Anyone that is a witness to this experience will fall in love with the dreamy colors that include soft greens and pinks and dark and light shades of blue.

The Lolli Living  Stella Four-piece Crib Set is all that parents will need to make their babies crib set complete. It comes with two-design coordinated fitted sheets, one quilt, and one bed skirt. What it means to have a coordinating crib sheet means that one will be available for use while the other one is being washed in the clothes washer. The quilt is made from a premium cotton fabric that will keep a baby warm, comfortable, and feeling secure all throughout the night. The charming bed skirt blends in with the bed sheet set perfectly and makes it to where parents will not need any other bedding for their baby. The specifications of this crib set will also help parents decide if this crib sheet is just what they need for their baby.

The specifications tells parents all about the baby crib set is just right for their baby. The quilt is 37 X 43 inches, the fitted sheet is 27X5 X 2 X 11 inches, and the bed skirt is 27 X 5 X 2 X 11 inches. The quilt is made out of 100% cotton outer (except for the decoration), the fill is 100% polyester, the fitted sheets and dust ruffle are made from 100 percent cotton. With the beautiful colors, design, and comfortable padding, it is guaranteed that you and your baby will love this crib set one-hundred percent. Complete all the accessories for the Lolli Living Stella Nursery Collection.

Quilt: 37x43 inch
Fitted Sheets (2): 27x52x8 inch
Bed Skirt: 27x52x11 inch

Quilt: 100% Cotton Outer exclusive of decoration
Fill: 100% Polyester
Fitted Sheets (2): 100% Cotton
Dust Ruffle: 100% Cotton

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