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Lolli Living Woods Musical Mobile

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Lolli Living Woods Musical Mobile

Every new mom and dad know the feeling, they put baby down for the night or for a nap but instead of sleeping the little one doesn’t stop crying. Solve that problem with this Lolli living woods musical mobile.

Not only does the mobile give baby cute animals to look at but it plays 'Wiegenlied', a soft Brahms melody to calm baby down and lull it him to sleep.

For adults, it’s much the same. They go to bed, they try to sleep, but the sandman just won’t come. For these insomniacs, therapists recommend soothing sounds such as a babbling brook, falling rain, or soft classical music.

The Lolli living woods musical mobile consists of two knitted foxes and two owls, suspended from a sturdy plastic frame that is easy to install. You simply wind up the mechanism and a music box plays the Brahms tune. By the time the music stops, baby is sound asleep and you can go on with your day, or catch some much needed zzzzz’s too.

The mobile is suitable for newborns up to 5 months and was tried and tested to conform to safety standards.

If desired, the Lolli living woods musical mobile mixes and matches with other Lolli collections.


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