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Milk Street Baby Cameo 6 Drawer Double Dresser Toast

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Milk Street Baby Cameo 6 Drawer Double Dresser

Storing your baby's or child's clothing and personal care items does not have to be a chore.

In this Milk Street Baby Cameo 6 Drawer Double Dresser, you will have

  • Adequate room for all of your baby's or child's things
  • The dresser's double set of three drawers in a side-by-side formation are all about knee-to-waist high so that even your child can get his or her own clothes out of the drawer as he/she gets bigger.

Every one of the drawers has the additional feature of motion-detectors, which activate an LED drawer light in each and every drawer.

The benefits of this feature include
  • Putting laundry away late at night and do not want to turn on the overhead light
  • If you have to wake your baby/child early in the morning to get ready and it is still dark outside you can see while you pick out your baby's clothes
  • The lights in each drawer do require two, AAA batteries, so if you do not want to use the lights in each drawer, you can simply skip the battery installation.

The design combines shabby chic curves with mission-style angles in a unique design all its own. The finish offered here is reminiscent of milky driftwood, but you can also choose an aged, milk chocolate brown finish.

The two top drawers come with two drawer pulls each, even though both drawers are single drawers and not four smaller drawers. The remaining four drawers below that each have a singular drawer pull centered on the drawer. The drawers roll out freely and easily, with no difficulty.

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The top of this dresser is planed smooth. You can set things on top of it, including books and baby's favorite toys.

Accessories (which are sold separately) include

  • There is an additional, matching wood hutch that you can set on top of the dresser if you want to protect and preserve the finish
  • The dresser top also doubles as a changing table, The changing pad cradle can be attached to the rear of the dresser with some simple mounting hardware. When you no longer need the changing table, you can remove the pad.

Special and Unique Features

Finally, this Milk Street dresser comes equipped with a nightlight. The nightlight is mounted underneath the body of the dresser. It has a cord you can plug into an outlet and and easy thumb turn switch if you want to turn the light on or off. Very few other dressers of this quality can boast such a useful feature.

Safety Features

All of the products made and sold by Milk Street are tested for safety

Products do not include

  • Pthalates
  • Heavy metals, (including the paint and finishes used to create the unique looks you see here)

Products do include

  • The rounded curves and edges also prevent dangerous injuries that can occur when toddlers or small children run into or fall into the furniture when they are near it playing.
  • A storage compartment for the cord for the soft light so that your little one can never grab it or chew on it.
  • Anti-tip hardware comes standard with this and other Milk Street Baby dressers.
  • A thorough safety inspection that exceeds all standards and regulations for safety.

If you like the look of the dresser, consider purchasing the other pieces in the set. This includes the matching bed, hutch, and/or the convertible bed. Then you can create the perfect nursery or children's room where your little one can rest, play, be rocked and dressed.

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