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Milk Street Baby Cameo Oval Convertible Crib Steam

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Cameo Oval Convertible Crib

Acting as four cribs in one, the Milk Street Baby Cameo Oval Convertible Crib features a flat rail and a curved centerpiece that creates a stunning visual contrast. This Victorian style crib has been updated with the use of recesses and spindles. Many people have said they have never seen a crib more beautiful. Your nursery will look just right with this perfectly proportioned crib. Its compound curves are complex, and its crown moldings are simply breathtaking.

Each of these cribs can be converted four different ways. Grade A sturdy hardwood is used in the building of each crib. It has no moving parts but does have a stationary sides. Any standard sized crib mattress can be used, but must be separately purchased. When your child outgrows his or her crib you can convert it to a day bed, a toddler bed or even a full sized bed for an adult. Thanks to these four modes, this comfortable place to sleep can be converted to exactly what your child needs at any age. All of our cribs are both convertible and high-back cribs and come with a mattress support system made of sturdy metal. The mattress is meant to be kept as high as possible when your baby is a newborn. When your child learns to stand up the height of the crib can be lowered. By the time they are five or six months old the mattress will need to be lower than it has ever been before. When it comes time to turn the crib into a toddler's bed the height of the mattress still needs to be low. This crib is often referred to as high back, due to the fact that it has a headboard that towers over the other three sides, or a back that does so. As a result it is easy to convert it from a crib to a regular bed.

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Safety Features

Each of our cribs gets tested to ensure it meets our rigorous standards. If we don't meet safety requirements with our cribs it is because we exceeded the requirements. for safety set by ASTM/CPSC. We take voluntary measures to ensure we exceed safety requirements concerning the heavy metals and phythalates used in our cribs. We constantly review and retest the materials and production methods we use. We do this in accordance with standards for the construction and coating of all cribs.

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