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Milk Street Baby Relic 6 Drawer Double Dresser

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Milk Street Baby Relic 6 Drawer Double Dresser

The Milk Street Baby Relic 6 Drawer Double Dresser is a furniture collection featuring wooden posts that are chunky and thick. They are also nostalgic due to their simple, clean lines.

Our dressers have flat faces and solid hardwood planes. Their simple profiles will leave you in love with the entire collection.

The top of the crib is a thick case and the grand crib rails make the collection what it is.

Milk Street double/six dresser drawers have an under-mound nightlight, which comes standard with this piece of furniture. The lighting fixture has three settings ranging from soft to bright light, giving you the freedom to work late into the night while your baby sleeps peacefully. The back of its case houses the electrical cord for the lighting. There is extra space built in to the back of the case in order to store the electrical cord when it is not being used. A standard electrical outlet is all you need to plug the nightlight in. The two drawers at the top of the dresser include LED motion sensitive lights. The lights go on when the drawers are opened and 15 seconds after you close the drawers the lights go out. Two AAA batteries are needed for each light, and the batteries can be replaced easily. The dresser doubles as a changing table when you add the changing tray to it. The underside of the tray is covered with felt. The hardware mounted on top of the dresser keeps it from becoming scratched and gives you a place to change your child safely and comfortably. As your child gets older you can take the changing tray off the dresser and use it to store your child's clothes. The changing tray must be purchased from Milk Street successfully. The dresser also comes with a felt covered hutch. to protect the finish from becoming scratched.

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Every one of our cases is Artisan built, using solid wood to construct them. The top of each dresser is made of solid wood with banded edges. There is no assembly required to use our dressers. The stability of each dresser is reinforced with case frames with corner blocks. Each drawer box is large enough to allow for extra storage space. The sturdy sides of the drawers are 15mm thick. All drawers have corner blocks to ensure that their integrity and strength holds up over the years. Drawers are completed using a joinery technique, which assures that the drawers are high quality and durable enough to hold as much as 100 pounds of weight. The dovetails are made to be extra deep and meet the most rigid standards in construction. Our drawers' interiors endure multiple applications of sanding and all sides of the drawers are coated with a clear finish. This way you can be sure that your clothes will never get snagged on your drawers. The drawer glides are made of the highest quality metal and are mounted in a way that ensures they will work properly for many years to come. As self-closing mechanisms you never have to worry about unnecessary noise in your nursery when you open and close the drawers or about fingers getting caught in the drawers. The back of each case is finished and secured using screws as opposed to staples. The bottom of each case has a dust catcher. Our products are always inspected before being sold.

Safety Features

Our case goods and cribs meet the highest standards for safety set by ASTM/CPCS. Production methods are reviewed frequently to ensure that they are always in accordance with standards in construction.

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