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Milk Street Baby Relic Batten Crib

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Milk Street Baby Relic Batten Crib

A batten is a technique of building that allows wood to shrink and crack. As it does, the builder adds small strips of wood over the tops of the cracks, thereby reinforcing the wood and protecting it from the elements..In essence, the cracks are filled and covered. Still, the weather-beaten look of barn sides is appreciated in the craftsmanship and style of this Milk Street Baby Relic Batten Crib.

Every inch of this crib is worked in the batten technique. That means that it has that lovelym weathered and worn, Eastern seaboard, reclaimed barn wood look that is such a huge design trend right now. Additionally, is also exceedingly strong and will last a lifetime. Better still, the crib is a four-in-one, allowing it to grow with your child until it turns into a full-sized bed and takes a full mattress. This is a bed that can be with your child from birth until he or she is a full-grown young adult.

As your child grows, the metal support frame for the mattress can be lowered in the crib. When he/she becomes a toddler, and the metal support is at its lowest, the bed can convert to a toddler bed with or without a side rail (sold separately). As a preschooler, the bed becomes a day bed, or you can remove the high back board to create the illusion of a small bed. Finally, as an elementary school-aged child or pre-teen, the high back returns as the headboard, and the old high side rail as the foot board. You will need to purchase the full-sized mattress, crib mattress and side rails separately.

The board and batten are planed smooth while still maintain their rustic charm. The hardwoods used are firm and will not splinter or split off over time. The finish is similar to many of our other Milk Street furniture pieces so that you can mix and match pieces to create your own nursery or child's room. Decor to match is also available and sold separately.

All of our furniture comes with a limited warranty and guarantee. Because we make the finest furniture and make sure it passes and exceeds all safety standards and regulations, you know you will get excellent products at a reasonable price. You and your baby or child will rest comfortably and fashionably in everything we make and whatever it is you choose to purchase and use in your child's room or nursery.

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